Gearlab Outdoors adds Ultralight “Deck Pod Mini (Deck Ray)” to its Lineup


All-new kayak deck bag designed for kayakers who prefer to “Go Minimal” when packing their kayak.

By Gearlab Outdoors

Gearlab Outdoors adds Ultralight Deck Pod Mini (Deck Ray) to its Lineup

Taipei, September 9th, 2022: Gearlab Outdoors added another arrow to their quiver last week when they launched the Deck Pod Mini (Deck Ray), an ultralight, super low-profile deck bag to complement their ever-expanding range of high-end kayaking equipment for “distinguished paddlers”. Following shortly after the launch of the best-selling Deck Pod 2, the Deck Pod Mini (Deck Ray) aims to appeal to sea kayakers who insist on the minimalist approach when it comes to kitting out their deck. Amazingly, while the Deck Pod was already revolutionary in its low-profile design, the Deck Ray takes this approach further still and is an impressive 80% lower in height and 40% lower in weight compared to its big brother. This means it lies almost flush with the deck of the kayak, offering next to no surface area for wind or waves to act upon and having minimal effect on rolling and other more extreme paddling techniques.

Despite its slim dimensions, the Deck Pod Mini (Deck Ray) can still comfortably hold many of the essentials a kayaker may wish to have at hand. The expandable “center capsule” is designed to hold a water bottle or bilge pump while the two expandable mesh side pockets are perfect for stashing gadgets, energy bars, gloves, sunglasses and other bits and bobs. Gearlab’s website has a handy animation to demonstrate all the afore-mentioned items sliding happily into the Deck Pod Mini (Deck Ray).

Gearlab Outdoors adds Ultralight Deck Pod Mini (Deck Ray) to its Lineup

Following in the footsteps of the Deck Pod 2, The Deck Pod Mini (Deck Ray) also uses Gearlab Outdoors’ unique “Deckhand” fastener system, which makes securely attaching and detaching the bag to the kayak deck lines quick and painless while ensuring the bag does not come loose, even in extreme conditions. The ultralight, ultra-low deck bag is made possible due to Gearlab’s utilization of X-Pac® fabric in the design, a state-of-the-art material from Dimension-Polyant, inspired by high-performance sailcloth. This helps the Deck Ray achieve its impressive weight, whilst not sacrificing strength or durability. By choosing such a construction, Gearlab Outdoors once again shows its commitment to producing cutting-edge kayaking equipment as rugged as the outdoor elements it will be deployed in. As with all Gearlab products, attention to detail is impressive with thoughtfully-placed anchor points located in key places to help you clip on and secure gadgets and valuables and a discrete carry handle, tucked away out of sight beneath the bag, where it won’t be confused with the spray skirt release pull in the event of a capsize.

Gearlab Outdoors adds Ultralight Deck Pod Mini (Deck Ray) to its Lineup

All-in-all, the Deck Pod Mini (Deck Ray) packs a remarkable amount into a tiny package and with it Gearlab Outdoors’ demonstrates their dedication to anticipating and meeting the needs of modern paddlers and outdoorsmen.


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